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ISCHANGED/ISNEW: Can a Salesforce Winter 21 Record-Triggered Flow use them (Video)?

Update: Please note there is a more recent version of this video here using the brand new PRIORVALUE functionality (Feb 2021).

Watch this video where I walk you through step by step as I create a record-triggered before-save flow and use workarounds to utilize ISCHANGED/ISNEW functionality. This video was recorded using a Winter 21 preview instance. So the short answer to the title question is that we still cannot use ISCHANGED/ISNEW, but the long answer is that we can use workarounds to get this functionality in a before-save flow. And all this became even more efficient in Winter 21.

Please note that there is an error in logic I discovered after I recorded this video. I needed to add to the FromAnotherStage decision outcome condition ‘AND PrevStage Does Not Equal to Closed Won’ to allow for NotChanged to work correctly. Since I don’t do anything under NotChanged condition it did not affect the outcome here.

Please see the correct version here:

Please read this blog post for an example on Criteria Enhancement and Advanced Decision Elements in Winter 21 Release.

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