Code of Conduct

BRDPro LLC employees and contractors serve our customers. Every team member at BRDPro LLC must comply with the laws, rules, and regulations, learn the details of all policies that affect your job, and ask for help.

As a team member: If you have questions about a policy and what it means for you, get help from your manager. Speak up until you are heard. Every team member has the power and the responsibility to escalate an issue whenever it’s needed. Know your rights. There are many ways to flag a problem: written, verbal, and completely anonymously. You are accountable. Bad decisions, ethical or legal, including violations of this Code and the related Policies, have serious consequences and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, as well as civil or criminal legal action.

BRDPro LLC expects its team members to commit to operating in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to adhere to the principles outlined in this Code of Conduct.
This Code of Conduct is not intended to replace, supersede or conflict with any applicable law,
BRDPro LLC team members will conduct their business practices and activities in accordance with applicable law, with integrity, respect and in an ethical manner.
• Anti-Corruption: BRDPro LLC team members will comply with all applicable anti-corruption and antimony laundering laws. All forms of bribery, kickbacks, and other corruption are prohibited. No
BRDPro LLC team member will improperly influence any act or decision of any governmental official,
employee or political candidate, including, without limitation, through the provision of any
improper or unlawful gifts, meals, travel or entertainment.
• Public Sector Procurements: When selling to public sector entities, BRDPro LLC team members will
support fair and open competition by complying with all laws and regulations related to
government procurement, tenders, and bids. BRDPro LLC team members will not involve in bid rigging, placing orders prior to tender finalization, price fixing, or other forms of collusion.
• Business Records and Accounting: The business records of BRDPro LLC team members will conform with applicable legal, accounting and regulatory requirements. BRDPro LLC team members will not place any orders for technologies, products, support or services without the existence of a corresponding customer order or agreement.
• Technology Fraud: BRDPro LLC team members are prohibited from engaging in false or deceptive
business practices, including any activities which may mislead customers or consumers. These
prohibited practices include engaging in technology fraud and activities which may mislead seniors, children or other vulnerable consumers to purchase or subscribe for unneeded technical
support or services.
• Advertising and Marketing: BRDPro LLC team members must ensure that advertising and marketing activities will be conducted truthfully, accurately and in accordance with applicable law, rules, and regulations. All communications to its customers must be truthful, accurate, and not misleading.

BRDPro LLC team members should report any concerns about violation of this policy or applicable laws to the following dedicated e-mail address: