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Learn Salesforce Flow Loops in less than 10 minutes (Video)

In this Salesforce Break video, you will learn how to use loops in Salesforce flows in less than 10 minutes.

I will guide you step by step as I create a Record-Triggered After-Save Autolaunched Flow loop, count all cases associated with one single contact record, and update the count in a custom field on the contact record.

Please note that finding the count of records in a collection does not require looping. The great Jennifer W. Lee pointed this out to me on the Trailblazer Success Community. When you need the sum of number values on the child record or when you need to collect a string consisting of child record names and etc. you would need to loop. I was aiming to show looping with the simplest example possible, therefore I did not go into these examples.

This assignment gets the count of the records in the collection in a single step.

Here is the link to Jen’s post:



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