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Salesforce Flow External Sharing using a Guest User with Visualforce Pages (Video) in Summer 20

In this video, I go over the steps that need to be taken so that a Salesforce flow can be exposed to Guest Users using a Visualforce and a Sites page. This allows external users to run a Salesforce flow that reads and/or creates Salesforce records. I also share on this video the Secure Guest User change considerations that are coming with Summer 20.

6 thoughts on “Salesforce Flow External Sharing using a Guest User with Visualforce Pages (Video) in Summer 20”

  1. Does this work for standard objects such as Cases? I’m still getting a login request and wondering if it’s because I’m not using a custom object.

    1. Case object is not much different than a custom object other than the fact that it has a transfer sharing setting as well. If you are getting a login page as soon as you pull up the link, then you are missing something before that. Maybe your page is not public, IDK. Go back and check all the settings, please. You can add a screen element with a static message as your first element, and you should be able to see that at least.

  2. Hi. I have a flow runs perfectly on a community but sadly community pages have issues when iframe them (asking for cookies and tracking between sites). A site can be framed with no issues. I have followed your inscturions and to enable a lightning flow in visual force page but I get this error where running flow: This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. Error in $A.getCallback() [Error during LWC component connect phase: [Error in $A.getCallback() [null is not an object (evaluating ‘e.getReference’)]]] Failing descriptor: {flowruntime:flowRuntimeV2}

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