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Clone Custom Records Based On Certain Conditions on Salesforce

It all started with a Twitter post…. Melissa Hill Dees asked on Twitter whether she can clone records declaratively based on certain conditions on Salesforce . The original Twitter post is here:

I gladly accepted the challenge and created an example on a Salesforce Developer instance.

Here we go:

We have a custom object for Projects, which has a lookup relationship to both the Account and the Contact. There are a many custom fields on the Project object, and they can be seen here:

Here is an example record:

The idea is that whenever a project is created or updated with a due date in 2020 and a budget of $1 million and above, we will clone this project record, update the due date by adding 90 days to it, and assign 1 to the Tier field. We will also check a checkbox called Clone so that our clone process will stop cloning records by checking this field. In other words clones will not be cloned further. Please note that I also modified the Name and the Description of the Clone Project by appending one or two words at the end.

Here are our process builder screenshots:

Our process is checking the conditions described above and passing the Records ID for the matching original Project record to a Flow. Here are our Autolaunched Flow screenshots:

To test the functionality, I will go over to the list view and update the budget of the existing record to $1 million. A clone record will be immediately created as follows:

If you have any questions please comment below.

Andy Utkan

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